Match the key person with the correct definition. Put the letter you wish to select on the line in front of the term. (1 point each)
_____ 6. Muhammad A. Ruler of Ethiopia known for building beautiful churches
_____ 7. Shah Abbas the Great B. Ruler of Mali who took an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca
_____ 8. Abu Bakr C. Safavid ruler who revived the glory of ancient Persia
_____ 9. Mansa Musa D. Prophet of Islam
_____ 10. King Lalibea E. Caliph recognized by Sunni Muslims

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6; D, Prophet of Islam.

7; C, Safavid ruler.

8; E, Caliph recognized by Sunni Muslims.

9; B, Ruler of Mali.

10; A; Ruler of Ethiopia.

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