“I commend the merchants to you, for they are the couriers of the horizon and God’s trusted servants on Earth.” –Sayings of the Prophet
11. Q: According to the passage above, how did the Islamic Empire view merchants? (2 points)
a. Trade was viewed as an unfavorable profession
b. Trade was the center of the Islamic Empire and merchants were highly regarded in Islamic society
c. Merchants are not trusted
“…we sailed for fifteen days and came to Maqdashaw [Mogadishu], which is an enormous town. Its inhabitants are merchants… When a vessel reaches the port, it is met by sumbugs, which are small boats, in each of which are a number of young men, carrying a covered dish containing food. He presents this to one of the merchants on the ship saying “This is my guest”… Each merchant on disembarking goes only to the house of the young man who is his host… the host then sells his goods for him and buys for him, and if anyone buys anything from him at too low a price, or sells to him in the absence of his host, the sale is regarded by them as invalid.” –Ibn Battuta, the Rihlah
12. Q: Trade in the Muslim world was the center of their society. According to the passage above, what relationship was based on integrity? (2 points)
a. Merchant-Captain
b. Host-Merchant
c. King-Merchant

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Both of the answers are B.

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