HELP ME ON THESE THREE QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Octavio used a brand new 6-hour tape to record some television shows. He recorded a movie that is 1 16/32 hours long and a cooking show that is 1 2/8 hours long. How much time is left on the tape?
Betty is making punch for a party. She needs a total of 9/10 gallon of water to add to fruit juice. In one container she has 1/3 gallons of water, and in another she has 2/5 gallons of water. How much more water does she need?
Zac moved 1/5 of the things from his old bedroom to his new dorm room in 32 6/12 minutes. How long will it take in hours, minutes, and seconds?
**Use hr for hour, min for minutes, and sec for seconds.
Josh is training to run in a half-marathon. So far this week, he has run 6 3/8 miles on each of the three days of training. Assuming Josh keeps this up, what is the total distance Josh runs in 3 weeks?

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Thats four questions, but okay :)   1.) 1 16/32 is just an hour and a half, and 1 2/8 is a hour and 15 minutes. that adds up to 2 hours and 3/4 or 2 hours and 45 minutes. 6-2 3/4 =3 1/4 hours, or 3 hours 15 minutes.     2.) convert the 1/3 and 2/5 into 10/30 and 12/30 so they have the same denominator, add them. that equals 22/30. now convert the 9/10 into 27/30 for easy subtraction. 27/30 minus 22/30 is 5/30, simplify that and it is 1/6. so betty needs a 1/6 of a gallon more.      3.) 32 6/12 is just 32 and 1/2. and thats 1/5 of his stuff. so take 32.5 and multiply it by 5, which equals 162.5 minutes. that is 2 hours 42 minutes, and 30 seconds.      4.) take 6 3/8 and multipy that by three for one week. that is 19.125. now multipy that by three since there are three weeks. that equals 57.375 which as a fraction is 57 3/8. so he would run 57 and 3/8 miles in three weeks of training. sorry about my spelling, im ust trying to type fast so you can get this fast.  :)

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