Grace and her 2 brothers shared the cost of a new video game system equally. The original price of the system was $179. They received a %15 discount off the original price and paid 7.5% sales tax on the discounted price. Find the approximate amount each paid for the video game system. A.) $51 B.) $55 C.) $60 D.) $66

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$179 is the original price
find 15% of the original price
179 x .15 = 26.85 dollars off
$26.85 is how many dollars off
subtract the dollars off from the original price
$179 - 26.85 = $152.15
$152.15 is the discounted price
find 7.5% of the discounted price
$11 .41 is total tax
add that to the discounted price and you have $163.56
now divide that by 3 ( Grace (1) and her (2) brothers (=3) )
 $163.56 divided by 3 = $54.52

they APPROXIMATELY paid $55 dollars each the answer is B 

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