Im studying for a test, and I cant seem to remember how to find missing coordinates. Heres one example of the question,
Fill in the other coordinate for the line 3x-5y=2 (2,) I need to find Y. I thought that my answer was 4/5 (4over5) I did, 3 times 2, (6) -6 on both sides, so then I had -5y = -4. So I divided both by 5. . . But that doesnt sound right to me! Anyone know what Im doing wrong? Or right? Thanks!
Heres another one by the way . . Y = 3x + 2 (1,)

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Usually, we use the slope formula to find the slope of a line when we know two points on the line. But if we already know the slope of a line, we can use the slope formula to find a missing coordinate of a point on the line.

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